Questions that need answering

1. Validation — How am I doing?
How am I performing in relation to others and the broader industry?
How do my Advisors compare?
Am I getting the business results that I should?
How effective is my Wealth Management Operating Model?

2. Strategy and Structure (Architecture)
Do I have sufficient capacity and coverage for my branch network?
Do I have the appropriate business offering?
Am I best served by an IIROC offering, an MFDA offering, or both?
Where does Insurance fit?
Do I have the right business partners to compliment the Wealth Management offering?
Is my Advisor Environment designed to enable and encourage top-tier performance?
Is my Member experience designed to optimize needs identification and fulfillment?
How do I energize and institutionalize the referral process?

3. Deployment
How do I attract and retain top-tier Advisors?
Do I have the right Compensation Model? What drivers should I use?
How do I measure Advisor performance and effectiveness?
What are appropriate sales, growth and revenue goals?
Do my Advisors have the tools, resources and support needed to be successful?
What should my product shelf consist of?

4. Business Partners
Am I partnered with the right Dealer?
What services and support should my Dealer be providing to help me grow my Wealth Management business?
Am I getting the most from my Dealer relationship?